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By Dr. Andręs G. Guerrero, Jr.

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Ramsey Muņiz was a talented athlete and outstanding Baylor Law School student who ran for governor of Texas in 1972 and 1974. He awakened the consciousness of  those who had no political voice, and brought about positive change for them. He suffered for it, having been accused, arrested, and indicted for drug-related crimes.

Muņiz came to know pain, suffering, and illness, having been unjustly incarcerated several times. His suffering was great, yet it  brought about the presence of Christ and the spirits of deceased family members who still communicate with him in his dreams. This gift from God was given to Muņiz because of his unending faith.

It has been written that to bring about justice and love for humanity there will always be pain, suffering, darkness, as well as imprisonment. Freedom, Justice, and Love is the story of Ramsey Muņiz, who remains imprisoned, struggling to regain his health and  freedom. Even after years of hardship, the love in his heart remains unchanged.